Oh, College.

Oh the wonders of college. By now (being a senior in high school) I thought that I would have this all planned out, you know? I figured I would have set my goals high and would strive to be the best version of me that I could possibly be in the next four years. Then after that, I would acquire a great paying job that I couldn’t wait to go to everyday in a career field that I loved. Then I would come home to my dreamy boyfriend who I would later marry and we would buy a nice house in the suburbs. After all, that would be the best place to raise our three perfect children who would grow up to follow the same glorious path that I did. Sounds like a pretty great plan, right?

Well. That didn’t happen.

Instead, I sit on Pinterest pinning every sort of pin imaginable even though I know I probably will never take the time to go back through and explore all of them. And I sit on the couch watching entire seasons of TV shows on Netflix, and eat my weight in chocolate (and the occasional bag of Doritos). Furthermore, in my free time, when I’m not living the extremely demanding life of a couch potato, I stare at my phone for absurd amounts of time, watching countless Vines and liking hundreds of photos on Instagram. What a catch, right? I mean, I think I’m really goin’ places!

Seriously, though. What am I going to do about college!?  With not even a glimmer of inspiration in my pool of career ideas, I’m gearing up to go spend four years throwing money down the drain on classes that I’m probably not even going to like.

My mind has been weaving some terrifying fantasies about what my life may turn out like as a result of my poor future-planning skills. Ultimately, the destination they all seem to arrive at is me being in my 30’s, stuck at a job I hate, my bucket list check-less and full of cobwebs, and not having enough money to feed my 50 cats. I’m not even a cat person, so that’s saying something. It’s depressing. I know.

My super procrastination skills have really kicked me in the fanny this time. Slacking off on homework is one thing, but slacking off on your future is a whole big steaming pile of trouble. As I frantically try to figure out who I am and who/what I want to become, a part of me can never commit. Because of this I feel like a kid in a Baskin Robins. There are 31 (more like thousands in my case) options and I’m expected to be able to pick one. (Yeah, like that’ll be easy). I look through all the possible choices of ice cream (a.k.a. life paths) and as soon as I find one that looks good, a different, possibly better one, steps right up and steals my heart. Next thing you know, I’m standing there bewildered and overwhelmed by all the different choices that I finally decide I’ll have a scoop of every flavor. What’s that you say? I can’t do that? Well shoot. I’m at square one again.

The process is never-ending. By the time I finally get out of this ice cream shop with a decision, it’ll be past my bedtime (a.k.a. I’ll be super old).

But let’s ditch the Baskin Robins metaphor for just a moment and really evaluate the true steps that need to be taken to make a final decision for the rest of my life, or at least a big chunk of it. The first step would be to hone in on any special talents that I might have. Then, I would look into career fields that correlated to those strengths. Finally, I would pick a major and a minor and study and get my degree and blah, blah, blah, blah… That seems tedious and frankly a little boring.

Maybe I’ll just become a groupie and travel the world listening to music 24/7 and be surrounded by cute musicians. Yep, sounds pretty good to me! Problem solved. (That was actually a lot easier than I thought).;)  


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